Jackrabbit Mountain Adventure Race

Checkpoint Zero fielded their “mature” team of Michele Hobson, Allen McAdams & Jon Barker for the inaugural running of the Jackrabbit Mountain AR. Both RD Dale Johnson and Zach Doppel of Trailblazers AR Club alluded to it being a good, fun course. They were right.
There was a strict 10 hour cut-off with a total of 15 CPs with an additional eight trekking points that you could go for at any time (although logically near the start or end ) with route choices galore during the rogaine style paddle/bike/trek/bike format. We paddled hard and picked up some of the eight bonus foot “O” points that we knew would be the equalizer for the outcome of this race. My navigation was erratic to say the least but we finished the paddle strong and started the biking section. We climbed up to CP6 first and then picked up CPs 5 & 7 and hit the bike to trek TA. Again, my navigation was sketchy but we got to the TA not too far back off the lead. We did the trek in a clockwise order and worked hard to catch up. Although spending too much time at CP12, we hit TA3 in the lead. Out on the bikes again we struggled a little with CP14 for no particular reason, then hit CP15 after a little hesitation then rode hard to pick up the remaining four bonus points with time running out and the cut-off looming. We finished the race in first place with all 15 points and 8 bonus points with 20 minutes to spare.

As always, Michele & Allen were awesome, strong team mates and great fun to race with. We all had a great time, recommend this race and hope it is back next year.


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